About Us

Eerie Bear Games was formed by Noah Rojahn and Joe Radak early in 2014 with one goal: to make the games that we want to play.

Okay, actually, we just needed something to do to kill time and we got a bit carried away…

To date, we’ve launched one title, Light Repair Team #4, a launch title for the HTC Vive. We’re currently working on our second VR title, The Pulse.Beat Virus, a puzzle heist stealth game. It’ll be awesome, we promise.

While our only titles so far have been VR titles, we do work on more traditional games. We’re constantly prototyping new games to see what ‘sticks’ and when something does stick, we’ll make sure it’s awesome too.

If you think what we’re doing is totally wicked, rad, cool, awesome, hilarious, fabulous, sweet or groovy, hit us up over at conveniently named ‘Contact’ section.

Now go! Shoo! Go have a totally wicked day!